Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Your Child Walks in During Sex

Hi Parents,

Sex and affection is very important to keep a marriage healthy.   One of the most often problems discussed in Couple Therapy is, " We don't have enough time to have sex in our daily hectic lives". This article presents another problem which we are often confronted with that we don't often discuss.  Since we don't have much time to enjoy long uninterrupted sex, we might try to squeeze sex in when we can.  What do we do when our children walk in on us during the sexual act? As the author discusses, affection should not be saved for just the bedroom.  It is important to show your children, that healthy affection and sexuality should be the norm rather than  being shielded  from it, of course, age appropriate. 
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Beverly Zagofsky
Couples Therapy

When your child walks in during sex

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